Great Hall Buddha

Making Life Magic

On Wed, 23 October, 2019 - 00:00
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Tantric Buddhism developed outside the monasteries in small groups gathered around magical, shamanic gurus. In this talk Vadanya explores what magic is and how we can bring mystery into the forefront of life as an act of 'war against the ordinary'. If our eyes are open to it, magic can be a powerful tool for transforming ourselves towards our spiritual goals. Vadanya explains how magicians live backwards and describes a technique for casting spells using the Five Forces. With strong energies that 'increase the voltage of your mind' we can overcome our demons and make change happen. This new sangha night theme explores the scary, exhilarating, radical and challenging nature of the true Dharma. Over the course of coming talks we will be forging a Western tantra, bring the spirit of Vajrayana teachings into our here and now. Questions for reflection and discussion: What could you do to make life more magical this week? Do you have a spiritual goal that you could cast a spell to achieve? Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 22.10.19
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