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On Wed, 11 September, 2019 - 00:00
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Virya is the energetic counterpart to the patience of Ksanti; it is energy in pursuit of the good. Bodhinaga tells us how we can develop this noble vigour, which brings strength and courage like that of a virtuous knight. He guides us through counteracting the four 'enemies of virya' before introducing the Four Powers: ethical sources of energy to power the Dharma life. Part 8 in the 'Path to Awakening' Sangha night series at Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Points for reflection and discussion: How could you bring more joy into your life? Which enemies of virya drain energy for you? Read Chapter 7 'Virya' of the condensed Bodhicaryavatara (available on the Sangha Night section of the website at the time this talk was uploaded) to accompany this week's talk. Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre 10.09.19
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