Great Hall Buddha

The Burning Ground

On Wed, 20 November, 2019 - 00:00
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Moksatara introduces the dakini, the tantric embodiment of what's possible when all of our energy is completely engaged, alive and flowing. These beings of limitless space have complete freedom of mind, fierce energy and a full emotional engagement with life. In order to meet the dakinis we must travel to where they dwell: the cremation grounds, where bodies are taken to be burnt. The deepest, darkest energies to be transformed are associated with fear. By deliberately plunging into crucial situations which mirror these burning grounds, old ways are forced to change and we are compelled to grow. This sangha night theme explores the scary, exhilarating, radical and challenging nature of the true Dharma. Over the course of these talks we will be forging a Western tantra to bring the spirit of Vajrayana teachings into our here and now. Questions for reflection and discussion: Where is the risk for you? In which situation could you find a dakini? Do you have a particular relationship where communication could be a cremation ground, an opportunity for challenge and growth? Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 19.11.19
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