Earth Metta Sangha

Yatra 3rd November Peak district

On Tue, 22 October, 2013 - 09:34
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Yatra is the traditional term for walking together on a spiritual journey, with mindful attention on each step and every breath. In the Peak District, we’ll deepen our contact with the immediacy of life, allow an intimacy with the present moment, and deepen our understanding/ connection with Nature.

Bring comforts of nourishment (lunch, water, snacks) and warmth (especially for outdoor meditation). Limited to 20 people.

Meet at Grindelford station café @ 9:30 on Sun. Nov 3rd. If you have a car, please contact Christine with # available seats; perhaps we can arrange rides.

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Contact information: christine.thuring [at]
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Ooh, what a cool image! :)