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A Buddhist View of Current World Problems @ Earth Metta Sangha (Wed. 5 Oct)

On Thu, 8 September, 2016 - 14:54
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Some of Sangharakshita’s introductory words on sustainability, activism and Buddhism can be found articulated in the final chapter of What is the Sangha? (Chapter 20: A Buddhist View of Current World Problems):

“…there is still… the question of what an individual Buddhist can have to say that is truly relevant to world problems. All I can say for myself is that the work I have engaged in as a Buddhist has arisen…out of the view I take on current world problems. This topic is not of academic or peripheral interest to me. In approaching it, I am in some sense trying to make clear the raison d’être of my own existence as a practical working Buddhist; that is, as a Buddhist not just inwardly, in faith and conviction, but also as far as outward activities are concerned.”  (Sangharakshita, 2000. What is the sangha? p. 237)

Earth Metta Sangha is scheduled to re-convene on Wed. 5th October (in the Green Room from 14:00). After checking in, we will discuss Sangharaksita’s perspective with relation to this chapter. (Khemasuri insisted that this shouldn’t be treated as “study”, so I guess that means reading the chapter, reflecting on it, and sharing with each other.)

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