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Sun Sept 21 > Uniting Buddhist Voices with the People's Climate March and Earth Summit in NYC

On Fri, 29 August, 2014 - 10:38
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On September 21st, thousands of people around the world will take to the streets in order to motivate the world’s leaders (at the Earth Summit in New York City) to take ambitious action on the climate crisis. Potentially the biggest united campaign of our time, Buddhist voices have much to add.

On this day, we’ll engage in ritual across both spiritual and worldly realms. Following a morning of meditation, discussion and puja at the Centre (yet to be determined), we will join the People’s Climate March in Sheffield, expressing solidarity and metta for all beings, and marching in mindful sangha.

Kula members!
Sheffield Buddhist Centre welcomes our engagement with this event, however it must be clear that the event is NOT organized by the Centre but rather by individual sangha members. As such, while we can carefully mention the event on the sangha notice board, the main emphasis of informing the greater sangha is by word-of-mouth. Let’s summon a great crowd, both for sangha building and for making positive impressions in all directions.

See the details on the Sheffield event below (thanks to Sheffield Climate Alliance). The rough plan, at this point, is that we will depart the Sheffield Buddhist Centre to join the march starting in Broomhill (black) or Hillsborough (blue) and make our way to the City Centre, where a rally begins at 3pm. You can walk or ride your bike, bring whistles and noise-makers with you and wear something in the colour of the march you’re joining wherever possible. We might consider a craft session into the morning program, such as making buttons or badges (e.g., I’m Buddhist and I care about climate change), or a series of posters that can be lined up with verses from the metta sutta. All details yet to emerge.

If you can help out on this event beyond word-of-mouth advertising (which is greatly needed), please let us know via email. Together we can build sangha, practice radical Dharma, nurture metta, examine world views, make a difference in the world and, importantly, have some fun, too!
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