A form for people to make pledges

On Fri, 26 June, 2015 - 19:58
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You might wish to use this pledge form at classes and events when people won’t generally have much cash with them. They can also write a message which we will paste into Bhante’s birthday card. 

Collect the forms and then email an image to me at amalavajra [at] or post them to:

Dh. Amalavajra, Adhisthana, Coddington, Ledbury HR8 1JL, UK 

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Hi Amalavajra - the format of this doesn’t survive opening in Libre Office nor Office 2003 - could you post a pdf?

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done :) 

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Wow - that was much quicker than my attempt to reformat for this evening!  But now there’s an extra almost-blank page …

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Yes sorry about that. I don’t know what to suggest for now other than only prinitng page 1. And thank you for your generous gift!

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Have fixed this so it’s one page :)

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Thank you!