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Voices from the Buddhist world 9: Lama Shenpen Hookham

On Fri, 9 November, 2018 - 13:17
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Continuing our series of messages from Buddhists beyond Triratna, a message from Lama Shenpen of the Awakened Heart Sangha in north Wales. Lama Shenpen attended the meeting of the Buddhist Teachers in Europe recently hosted at Adhisthana, where she met Bhante again after many years. They have known each other since the 1960s when she attended classes and retreats with him.

“I’ve just returned from Adhisthana where I spent half an hour meditating beside Bhante’s body feeling the powerful and strangely joyful sense of his presence as he lay there at peace with his legacy continuing all around him.

It felt a privilege to be there and to spend hours in the shrine room meditating alongside so many Order Members among whom I have so many good friends.

The whole event has left a deep and lasting impression on me - and I was especially happy to meet Subhuti again for the first time in 50 years!

It does Bhante great credit that the Order is so prepared for the momentous event of the passing away of its founder. It is an awesome thing to have created a Buddhist Order and community here in the West in this day and age. May it continue for generations to come bringing the light of the Dharma into the world and benefit to all beings. May we all meet again and again in all our future lifetimes working together to Awaken all beings!

Thank you everyone for your commitment and devotion to the Dharma and for hosting Tara and me so warmly for our overnight stay.”

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