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Voices from the Buddhist world 7 - Venerable S. Dhammika, Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society, Singapore

On Thu, 8 November, 2018 - 15:12
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Continuing our series of appreciations of Bhante from Buddhists around the world, here is a message from Venerable S. Dhammika, Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society, Singapore.

“I was saddened to hear of the passing of Sangharashita, but only a little and just for a few moments. All lives end in death and can only be said to be tragic if they are cut short or leave nothing of consequence behind. Sangharashita’s life was a long and full one and his influence on the development of Buddhism has been profound. Modern Buddhism, east and west, has produced few genuinely innovative thinkers, but Sangharashita is definitely one of them.

I was taking my first hesitant steps into Buddhism in 1969 when I read A Survey of Buddhism and it opened my eyes to what the Dharma could offer me if I went deeper. And I went deeper because of it. Since then I have read almost everything Sangharashita has written and I have never done so without being inspired, forced to reconsider something I have taken for granted, or seen some aspect of the Dharma from a new angle. Triratna’s missionary endeavours in India, inspired by Sangharashita, rank as one of the only effective attempts to make the Dharma available to masses of people. And these endeavours are not just changing minds, they are changing lives and giving hope.

Bhante S. Dhammika”

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