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Tiratanaloka remembers Bhante

On Sat, 3 November, 2018 - 20:30
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The team at Tiratanaloka are bearing Bhante, the Order, and the Sangha in mind at this time.  Kalyanasri is running a retreat here for her preceptees.  We joined with them on Tuesday, spending the day chanting and meditating.  In the evening Santavajri led a puja.  We are very glad to be with the Order at such a time.  Our connections with each other, and with Bhante, run deeper than we can ever fathom, through life and death.  We have been able to touch into those connections at times over the past few days.  We are more determined than ever to continue Bhante’s legacy, to make use of the gifts he gave us, and to pass those gifts onto others by helping them join the Order.  

I am sitting in the late afternoon sunshine,
An old man with tired bones and a heart empty of desires.
Nearby, a bird is singing in the trees,
And a puff of wind is soft against my cheek.
Soon the sun will be setting, and I wonder
If tonight I shall see the stars.

Urgyen Sangharakshita, 21.4.2002

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Very inspiring words - thank you for your valuable work. This poem is beautiful too ❤️