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On Wed, 31 October, 2018 - 14:10
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A video I made yesterday. I aimed to summaries bhante’s life and his impact in 1 min. I failed, I did 2 mins, and I still failed. No time in space, no word or images can make justice to his life. Unmeasurable is the impact. I’m for ever grateful! I still cannot believe you’re gone.

To download follow this link: 

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Thank you so much Sanghadhara, beautiful. love Sanghadevi

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Beautiful. Thank you Sanghadhara. 

Loka's picture

Beautiful. Thank you

kusaladevi's picture

Very beautiful. Thank you Sanghadhara x

Sona's picture

Thanks so much for making this Sanghadhara. I could have gone on watching it for much longer. Very moving.

Amarajyoti's picture

Thank you so for creating that heartwarming film. So lovely 


Advayasiddhi's picture

That’s lovely - many thanks!

aryadhara's picture

Thank you Sanghadhara - It a wonderful video, made with great love. 

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This is really lovely Sanghadara - thank you!

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Thank you, Sanghadhara, for sharing this beautiful tribute to our precious teacher. Aryagita

Padmavajri's picture

Thank you for making this. I’ve watched it again and again. 

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How very beautiful and very moving - thank you so much Sanghadhara. 

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Evocative and beautiful.    Thank you you.     Padmasuri

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Lovely, and a very perceptive selection of images to tell the story - a whole life in a couple of minutes - brilliant!!

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wonderful Sanghadhara. How fortunate I am that there are people like you with these talents to create this. The penultimate? frame broke my heart open-Bhante being supported by one of his carers as he walks in  open countryside. And the chanting-exquisite. Thank you, thank you

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Thank you, Sanghadhara. Lovely.

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This is so beautiful Sanghadhara! Thank you so much.
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So moving.  Thank you, Sanghadhara.


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Thank you so much Sanghadhara. Very beautiful.