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Sangharakshita's funeral

On Tue, 20 November, 2018 - 14:49's picture

Dear Order members and Sangha

I thought I’d like to share a compilation of some photos I took on the day of Bhante’s funeral. They are in the form of a short slide show with some music. 

I do hope you find this useful

with all warm wishes


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bhantes_funeral.m4v163.95 MB
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Dear Order members

the slide show of images I uploaded recently wouldn’t open for some strange reason, so I re-sending it again in a smaller size and hope that will open for you all to  view.

Fingers crossed…..

with all warm wishes


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bhantes_funeral_2.m4v58.86 MB's picture

Hello again

I’ve tried to upload another file, in smaller, lower rez format but again this doesn’t seem to want to open. They are both in one of the recommended formats, i.e. m4v

Does anyone have any suggestions?

again with warm wishes


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Hi Bodhananda,

Although we do support the sharing of .m4v files, no web browser will support that format for playing within the browser itself. The file is in a format designed for use mainly with Apple’s Quicktime or iTunes on Mac OS and would have to be downloaded first.

You can edit your original post, and the comment with the smaller version, and in each case replace the file with another version where you have simply changed the .m4v file extension to .mp4. That will allow it to be played more widely within a web browser, thoguh in some contexts people may still have to download it first.

Hope that’s helpful. If you need further assistance with this please do email us at support [at]