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Remembering Sangharakshita Through His Friendships

On Fri, 25 October, 2019 - 17:57
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Urgyen Sangharakshita - simply “Bhante” to his friends and to many who practice in the Triratna community world-wide - was a complex, even sometimes complicated, man. Much has been written and said about his contribution to the flourishing of Buddhism in India and the West since the 1960s - and about some of his more controversial sides as a teacher and leader. But we know a lot less about him as a friend.

In this film commissioned to mark the first anniversary of his death, Bhante’s friends talk personally about their relationship with him and what it means to them now he is gone.

With thanks to Amaradaya, Sanghadhara and the team at Clear Vision.

Watch a new film documenting the complete funeral and burial ceremonies for Sangharakshita

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What evocative remembrances.   Thank you Clear Vision.


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Sona and I have just sat and watched this. Deeply moving to hear these memories. Sadhu to clear vision for making such a beautiful film. Great images and very sensitively made and edited. 

it helped me connect with something of ‘the beyond’ that is much bigger than I can possibly understand. 

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I am so grateful for this beautiful video. Thank you. It filled my heart with hope.

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Thank you.

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What a very beautifully put together piece of film, evoking Bhante and his friendships, in an honest, moving and beautiful way. Thank you Clear Vision.


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Thank you.


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Sadhu … 🌹🌹🌹

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Very moving.

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Beautiful. Thanks

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Thank you so much for making this film. I sit in the morning at Crecent Head (NSW) about to start a semi solitary just weeks after my Ordination. My immense gratitude to Bhante and to so many more wise than I is very present. I feel very fortunate.

Best wishes


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Wonderful stuff.  Thanks very much Clear Vision!

With metta,


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Very lovely, very moving. Sadhu! 

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Lovely video. Thank you for making it.

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Thanks for making this film and all the people who contributed and shared their experiences. It has great value. 

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It was wonderful to see so many people remembering Bhante with so much love and gratitude. Thanks so much for the film.

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Tack så mycket från Sverige! Thank you so much from Sweden! Beautiful, touching and interesting. Metta, Munisha

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Thank you for a most inspiring film.

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Thank you so much to all of you at Clear Vision for putting together such a touching and beautiful film.

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Really lovely video - thank you!

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Thank you I enjoyed that very much. Very connecting.