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Rejoicing in the Adhisthana community and helpers

On Wed, 7 November, 2018 - 21:14
khemajoti's picture

I was at Adhisthana today taking part in the vigil and I’d just like to express my appreciation for the Adhisthana community and all those helping out at this time. There was a lovely atmosphere, everyone was so friendly and welcoming in spite of having so much to do - and the amazing amount of organisation seemed to make everything flow seamlessly. Sahdu to you all,  x Khemajoti

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parami's picture

Thanks Khemajoti, it was lovely to see you here today and it has been really moving witnessing people passing through from so many places as they come to say good-bye to Bhante.


sucimani's picture

Thanks so much for posting this Khemajoti and yes it very much echoes my own experience.

I have also appreciated seeing the photos that have been posted here and on facebook and the video clip of Bhante arriving back at Adhisthana.

Suicimani xx

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It feels from here (Holland) that there’s so much awareness to include all of us over the whole world to take part in this momentous occasion. It seems as if everything is taken care off with great sensitivity, from start to finish, in every minute detail but also in terms of the overall vision! What a blessing to be part of this spiritual community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Thanks Khemajoti for saying this.  I was at Adhisthana with a mitra friend yesterday, and we both were very grateful for the kindly welcome, and the atmosphere of calm purposeful positivity as the community and friends went about their various tasks, which framed our experience of our time sitting with Bhante.  x Bodhaniya