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poem by Subhadassi

On Mon, 12 November, 2018 - 11:57
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Hello beings

I have been trying to absorb (or meet?) my time at Adhistana on Friday and Saturday. It was such a beautiful, and cold (!), event, with the rain largely stopping and the sun coming through as we progressed through the metta bhavana.

Anyway, as well as writing a shabda report today after I’d got the kids off to school, I wrote a poem, which I thought I’d share. 

With love from Sussex.


He looked lovely, I thought, unconfined by a coffin,
his nose even nobler in death.
Every bit of him there: a real person in socks.
It was cool in the room to stop the body rotting.
Someone broke out into mantra.

After a night in an odd B&B 
we came back to mark a hero’s passing. 
The funeral was long and cold, out in the open.
On a trip, mid-way, for a pee and some tea
I filled-up with grief.

Oak leaves were piled against a wall.
I scooped some, guilty as a thief,
knowing they’d adorned the trees 
through this year’s long spring; 
shaded him in its fierce summer.

Mourners cast exotic petals at his coffin.
The air was filled with chanting 
and a scent I’ll say was Frankincense. 
The sun was bright between the clouds,
hung low, a golden yellow.

For a moment, it lit up the oak behind us.
Light and tree and leaves refigured him: a glory. 
Brown now, and actually quite small, 
the leaves sit, uncertain, in the kitchen.
And me, awkward pilgrim.     

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Jen Rouse's picture

Beautiful Subhadassi. That light and the trees and the smoke and the petals. I was there too, sorry not to have picked you out among the crowds. x

Subhadassi's picture

Hey - glad to hear you were there among the throng! S x

Tejomala's picture

Very, very beautiful. Made me cry all over again 

Subhadassi's picture

It’s a tender time, eh? x

Sinhendra's picture
Beautiful Subhadassi! I saw that golden oak, sorry I didnt see you too. Lots of love, Sinhendra
Jnanasiddhi's picture

Beautifully evocative. Thank you.

prasadacarin's picture
Thank you Subhadassi! Beautiful, really beautiful.
sraddhadipa's picture

Thanks. I was in the throng, hearts open…and yes, glory. I was opposite the beech tree that caught the light, yet seemed to be blazing in it’s own light. See you soon xx

Liz Ashley's picture

Lovely. Brings it all back. 🍁

Dharmabandhu's picture

 Thank you Subhadassi, for your lovely evocative poem of your pilgrimage and the days moods and riches. I didn’t make it myself as I was still recovering from an illness and your thoughts and feelings allow me to further participate in and absorb the occasion of the loss of Bhante lour revered teacher, mentor and spiritual friend

DhBuddhapalita's picture

thanks so much for posting this poem.