Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Marking Bhante's death at Sanghaloka Buddhist Centre in Krakow/Poland

On Fri, 2 November, 2018 - 16:14
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To mark this significant moment of our Friend’s and Teacher’s death Bhante Sangharakshita at Sanghaloka Buddhist Centre in Krakow from Tuesday until Sunday we have a morning and evening programme with metta bhavana meditation, puja for Bhante by Maitreyabandhu in the mornings and Seven Fold puja in the evenings, telling stories about Bhante and having conversations about the significance of his life and death, as well as sharing our feelings amongst eachother within the sangha. It is all very moving and puts us in touch with the gratitude for all we have been given by Bhante as well as with the sadness of loss. At the weekend we plan to meet again to hear about Bhante from Nityabandhu, Śantaka and Paramashanti and from others who met Bhante personally and everyone else who want to share their inspirations and reflections. On this photos you can see mitras from our sangha searching for their favourite quote by Bhante to read it out loud in the evening puja and offerings during the Sevenfold Puja for Bhante from Thursday evening. Rituals and meditations are lead by Nityabandu and Śantaka. We gather together as a sangha having in our minds and hearts Triratna from all over the world. “May we never be separated from you, our precious teacher, in all our lives to come […] And may we be reborn among friends and teachers with you, Urygen Sangharakshita, Bhante, as our guide”.

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Thanks! Brings back memories of my visit last year.

Love, Munisha