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From Janos Orsos, a Dhammamitra in Hungary

On Wed, 7 November, 2018 - 12:12
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The following tribute is from Janos Orsos, who is a Dhammamitra in Hungary. He is a Roma/Gypsy. He has been pivotal in the establishment of the Jai Bhim Network, a Buddhist community in the country, and, along with a number of others, has set up the Dr Ambedkar High School, which educates Roma/Gypsy children.

“Bhante was a hero, a saint, and he will remain so in the hearts of many, many people. I’ve no doubt that he is now happy and at peace. From Asia to Europe, millions of people will never forget him, will say his name with reverence, will gain much inspiration from his life. Triratna, the international Buddhist community he founded, provides the conditions for millions of people to have a better life! He will remain with us in our hearts, and in the hearts of those who tread the Way as he taught it for hundreds of years – of that I’m sure.”

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Dear Janos,

Thank you for the beautiful, eloquent tribute to Bhante, with which I heartily concur. Thank you also for the work you are doing for the oppressed, and under conditions which are amongst the most difficult perhaps anywhere in the world.

In solidarity and friendship, Ashvajit     

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 Dear Janos, Yes!

Thank you for your for your kind words of appreciation, gratitude and remembrance. Bhante Sangharakhsita was a  spiritual hero, a warrior  bringing The Three Jewels,  bringing confidence, courage, wisdom and compassion to many many people. I am glad you and your community have received his gifts. Jai Bhim

. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu 

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Dear Janos

thank you for your heart-moving words.     What you are doing in Hungary is in itself a tribute to Bhante and to Dr Ambedkar.   Sadhu!  You too are creating the conditions for others to find the Way, and thus continuing their work.

Go well. Nagarakshita