Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Honouring and remembering Sangharakshita at Stockholms Buddhistcenter

On Tue, 6 November, 2018 - 09:30
Viryabodhi's picture

On Monday night 5 November we celebrated Sangharakshita’s life and work. Prasadacarin welcomed people, 30 plus of us, and shared some of his meetings and feelings for Bhante, then Viryabodhi filled in what had happened and what has been shared on social media etc. as well as share some of his own meetings with Bhante. Then Vidyaketu (visiting stockholm with his wife Jude) read out part of Suvajra’s beautiful Shabda report, on Bhante’s last few days. After this many people shared their own meetings with Bhante and what effect he has had on their life.

The evening was concluded with a sevenfold puja, that Subhuti has written (translated into Swedish by Viryabodhi), personal offerings and a beautiful Padmasambhava mantra at the end. A very warm and appreciative atmosphere prevailed throughout the evening. 

The previous evening most of the local order members gathered for an evening of honouring and remembering Bhante. All of us shared our meetings and impressions of Bhante and how he had influenced and helped us on the path. A very warm appreciative and harmonious gathering. 

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