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gatherings in Thames, Aotearoa New Zealand

On Sun, 4 November, 2018 - 04:53
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Here in Thames, Aotearoa NZ, our sangha awoke to the sad news of Urgyen Sangharakshita’s death on Wednesday morning.  Since then we have been gathering both formally and spontaneously to honour Bhante and support each other in this significant and special time.  

On the Wednesday we had a cherry blossom viewing meditation and picnic lunch planned in front of the public library.  Which we went ahead with, with Bhante and the beauty of impermanence very much in our hearts and minds.  

That evening order members and mitras came together at Buddhaloka: Thames Buddhist Centre to share our recollections & feelings for our teacher.  Then we performed Maitreyabandhu’s puja, chanted the mantras Bhante requested and savoured the beauty of the shrine prepared by the women’s chapter.   

We continue to gather, both at Buddhaloka and Sudarshanaloka - the untamed land of our retreat centre to which Bhante gave it’s name and inaugurated a stupa in 1997 - and will do so until the time of the funeral.  Then a number of us will convoy to Auckland to join with the sangha there & be a part of a live streaming event at the Auckland centre.

Thankyou for all the posts so far.  It is comforting to touch in here and remember that we are all united in our practice at this tender time.

Arohanui xx

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Hello Arohanui and thanks so much for posting this exquisitely still image of the Thames Cherry Blossom meditation…Here in the north of England the autumn colours are particularly spectacular this year - a final flourish of gold and crimson as the leaves let go ….