Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Farewell my dear Teacher...

On Sun, 4 November, 2018 - 12:17
Rijumati's picture

Farewell my dear Teacher, you who have so enriched my life. I am proud to be one of your disciples and my heart is tender and grateful for all you have given this suffering world. So many gifts, so many qualities… how can one begin to express them? Of all the reflections that have arisen since your death I constantly return to the quality of the friendships that bless my life: you taught us how to be true friends, to dance the shepherds’ round-dance and plant a garden together in the wilderness. I accepted your four gifts and pass them onto others who long for freedom and happiness. I know this would make you happy. May your legacy be long and fruitful!

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DhBuddhapalita's picture

that is lovely Rijumati, thanks for posting it. love buddhapalita