Sangharakshita Memorial Space

The Death and Funeral of Urgyen Sangharakshita

On Tue, 18 December, 2018 - 23:41
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Immediately after Bhante’s death we at Clear Vision began to document the preparations for his vigil and funeral, and working with our colleagues at The Buddhist Centre Online  to do all we could to help ensure that thousands of people in our worldwide community were able to witness the event through a live-stream. We have produced this short film of highlights from the funeral and time surrounding the event for you all, and for future generations, to revisit this most significant event in the history of our community.

Clear Vision works to document the life of the Triratna Buddhist Community, keeping us connected around the world and over the years, by creating and sharing a visual record of events and protecting the video and image archive of our Founder, Order and Movement.If you have appreciated our work over this time, please set up a direct debit to support our continuance and the preservation of the archive. We depend on your support to continue documenting and creating media that informs and inspires us as a community.

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Watch the complete film of the funeral and burial services for Sangharakshita

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Amalajoti's picture

Exquisite 🙏 in deep gratitude, appreciation and metta, Amalajoti 

Purna's picture

A beautiful and moving visual record.  It evoked the combination of grief, gratitude and confidence that many of us will have experienced over this very important part of our collective history.  Thank you Clear Vision and to all who made this recording possible.

dayapakshini's picture

So beautiful, thank you for bringing back memories of the day.

With love and gratitude, Dayapakshini 

nagesvara's picture

That’s beautiful! Thanks to all involved in putting this together, thank you.