Sangharakshita Memorial Space


On Sat, 24 November, 2018 - 10:31
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In the half light of a November day, damp and drizzly I remember our teacher who let go of his body, seemingly easily and has escaped this wintry darkness. Despite him being 93 and frail I was not ready for Bhante’s death. I sobbed aloud when I read the news. Selfishly, of course, I wanted him to stay a bit longer, maybe I’d see him one more time. But also, I was glad that he had a relatively easy passing.The last time I met Bhante I had nothing much to say, I just wanted to sit with him. The room felt full and when I sat with Bhante’s body on the evening before his funeral, in the cold of the Amitabha shrine room, the room again felt full, that same feeling of being surrounded by love.

I am so grateful for the amazing gifts I have received and for the gift of the Order, such a wonderful variety of people to share this life with. I have such friends as I never thought I could have.A clear way of practising, and so much more….

Thank you to those of you at Adhisthana for creating and hosting so many of us for the funeral. I was bowled over by all the big stuff and the little thoughtful touches. We are definitely good at funerals.

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