Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Carrying the Flame

On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 21:22
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Carol Robertson

Like so many friends today, I am absorbing and reflecting on the passing of my teacher Urgyen Sangharakshita (Bhante). Only a week ago I was at Adhisthana, Bhante’s home, working with the amazing people from Friends of the Sangharakshita Library. Having Danasamudra passing on Bhante’s heartfelt appreciation for the work that we were doing in his memorial library, was so touching as was his emphasis on her passing this appreciation to us. He stressed the importance of this library and his legacy as the flame that will carry his teachings into the future. This seems so much more poignant today. I feel such gratitude to Bhante Sangharakshita for the founding of our Buddhist movement but also for the many people over the years who have been inspired by his teachings and example to continue to make the Triratna Buddhist Community, a force for good in the world.

Go well Bhante !!

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