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On Wed, 31 October, 2018 - 09:31
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Dear beloved, dearest Teacher

i am coming to the end of a month living in christian monasteries as i wanted to write on sacredness and wanted some time on my own and i thought the conditions in monasteries very supportive. And indeed they were. In this period i read large parts of From Genesis to the Diamond Sutra and O Bhante you were so close. I am so glad to be a Buddhist, i am so glad to have come across a vision which enables me to live a very meaningful and fulfilling life, a life wherein i can explore creatively the richness and beauty of everything, a life wherein i can deal with suffering as a truthful human being, a life wherein it is shown to me that one can be a true individual. I am so grateful dearest Bhante.

I will miss the hugs and the tender caresses we exchanged when we met one another, i will miss our conversations, i will miss writing to you though i didn’t write that much anymore lately.

You have left this life and sometimes i feel sad about this but there is also so much joy and gratitude.

And i know what to do. I am your disciple and i want to become even more your disciple in a personal, truthful way to serve the Dhamma, to serve the utmost beauty, to serve the glory of your life. To serve all living beings.

You were a king dear Bhante but also kings have to bow for the ultimate king of impermanence. All the heavens, all the clouds, all the suns in the universe are now singing the beauty and depth of your life dear Bhante. I am a son of the Buddha and i am a son and disciple of Urgyen Sangharakshita, my dearest and precious teacher whom i love deeply.

Hommage to the Buddha, hommage to the Dhamma in the vision of Bhante, hommage to the Sangha.

I will cherish your inspiration the best i can, i will pass on your legacy the best i can and in this passing on i feel so proud, so grateful, so honoured and priviliged to be your disciple.

Fare well dear Teacher. Thank you for showing me how to shine as a star, day and night. Your light will shine through me.


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Tejomala's picture

Thank you so much for your beautiful and tender loving words. It feels like you have captured some of my own reflections and feelings. Thank you very much. Warmth wishes, Tejomala

James-HDB-Sheffield's picture
Thank you Arthakusalin, likewise it was so wonderful reading your strong sense of gratitude and increased virya of intentions.
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Dear Arthakusalin, thank you for  sharing and communicating your love and affection and appreciation for  Bhante, your teacher, our teacher

with much metta. Dharmabandhu