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Alternative Stream for Sangharakshita's Funeral (Updated)

On Sat, 10 November, 2018 - 14:16
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Centre Team

Update: You can now watch a complete version of the live stream here

You can also watch live via Facebook on our page there or on The Buddhist Centre Online here.

The embed here is another phone feed. Rest assured we are filming the whole ceremony for a proper film record.

This feed is from our main cameras which are working intermittently with the network. If this stream goes down again you can watch via the backup Facebook Live stream here:…

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This actually worked in Venezuela. Facebook is impossible. But we didn’t discover this until after the burial. :-)

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Thank you to everyone responsible for getting the various live feeds up and running. I’m sure it’s been a stressful day for you with some frustration at things not going totally to plan. However, with the combination of the FB and Clear Vision feeds I was able to watch more or less the entire thing, and felt very much a part of the occasion. This was far and away a more meaningful and connective experience than it would have been without these live feeds, and I am supremely grateful for all your efforts. I’m also looking forward to viewing the “polished” version at a later date. Sadhu to all!

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Look what I found going through some art studies I’ve done long ago, Bhante, Sangharakshita by Charlene Cameron.