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What is the Sangha? Week 4 - The Meaning of Friendship

On Thu, 6 November, 2014 - 06:16
padmatara's picture
Tonight was the last part of this Sangha Night Series but we still have 4 units of the Mitra Study Module - What is the Sangha? - to go, and we will cover these on Monday nights, November 17 to December 8 (a week later than originally advertized). If you would like to take part, please join us, even if you were unable to take the first 4 weeks - you can catch up by reading the materials listed on previous posts, and listening to the talks, if you like.
Information on what exactly to read for the November 17 study will follow shortly.

Here are the 2 talks from tonight - they’re short - about 10 minutes each, and packed full of dharma:
Rochelle’s talk is here (it is quite quiet, but you just need to turn up the volume)
and mine (Padmatara) is here (sorry about the abrupt end - I pressed stop while I was still talking but it was just something about discussion groups….)
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