SFBC Mitra Study

Week 4, November 5: The Meaning of Friendship

On Fri, 31 October, 2014 - 17:30
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This week Rochelle and Padmatara will talk about the Meaning of Friendship.
Here is the information for our study groups:

Unit 7 – The Meaning of Friendship

This unit explores the principles behind friendship as a spiritual practice. It builds on

the material we explored in Part 1, Week 10 of the Foundation Year. Please read

Section 16 of Part 3, i.e. pp.197-204 of “What is the Sangha?”

1. ‘In the modern world, friendship is arguably the most neglected of all the

primary human relationships.’ (p. 197)

Do you agree with this statement? Why (or why not)?

2. Which of the five duties we have to our friends seems most relevant to you

and why?

3. ‘If you are practising friendliness you are not only practising the Dharma but

communicating it.’ (p.199).

How can you relate this to your life?

4. In what way is spiritual friendship a training in unselfishness and egolessness?

5. How can you strengthen your practice of spiritual friendship?

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