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Litcrawl 2013 at the SFBC: Falling. Apart.

On Tue, 15 October, 2013 - 17:21
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Saturday, October 19, 8:30pm

Maybe that sense that you’re one person moving forward in time frays around the edges periodically, revealing glimpses of something more soluble than you’d understood. Is it disorienting? Is it fabulous? Is it horrific? Is it divine? Five points of view from states of tumble, collapse, fissure, freedom, and points in between.

SFBC Readers:

Nabil Arnaoot is interested in the bittersweet interactions of spirit and flesh; elegant representations of data; biohackers and their luminescent cats; and trans Arab politics.

While he was traveling and incommunicado in Hawaii, someone wrote Buddhist-activist-poet Ethan Davidson’s bio for him. Perhaps he’d have written something more absurdist.

Susan Moon’s most recent book is This Is Getting Old. Forthcoming is The Hidden Lamp: Stories from 25 Centuries of Awakened Women, with Florence Caplow.

Courtney Moreno’s award-winning writing appeared in LA Weekly and Best American Nonrequired Reading. Her first novel, In Case of Emergency, is forthcoming in 2014.

Lisa Kee-Hamasaki will read recent work by Suvarnaprabha, our dear friend, teacher and colleague, who was devoted to creativity in all its forms and initiated our participation in this event four years ago. She died September 24, 2013.

Lit Crawl 2013, spread over more than three hours, will host live readings of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and more in bookstores, bars, art galleries, restaurants, stores, cafes, a bowling alley, community spaces…. even a police station. Watch us take over Clarion Alley (right under the eyes of the Mission Police Station!) for outdoor readings and performances.”

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