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Young Buddhists, UK (2016)

On Thu, 12 January, 2017 - 11:02
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Two documents compiled by Prajnaketu in 2016.

Vision, Energy, Action: a guide to inspiring young Buddhists brings together ideas and practical tips from centres that have had success in inspiring young people and suggests questions to explore in your local situation.

Young Facilitators Handbook is a work-in progress document with ideas and tips for young people who want to start up a young Buddhists group in their local sangha.

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Bodhidasa's picture

These documents are invaluable and need to be widely circulated in centres. Well done!

Aryanisha's picture

Fantastic! Can we make more of a thing of it on TBC facebook page etc?

Prajnaketu's picture

Thanks for the feedback :) The audience is centre chairs and teams for the more polished of the two documents - but if you think it could work, I’d support it being distributed more widely.