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Risk Assessment Policy and Risk Register

On Tue, 14 May, 2019 - 19:15
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In the UK it is regarded as good practice for charities to have a Risk Assessment Policy in place and useful to have a Risk Register, listing risks and mitigating factors.

Here  are some resources with information, templates and examples from various sources:

1. Charities and Risk Management CC26 - Gov UK - 32 page document which explains everything
2. Project risk register template and guide - Tasmania Gov - 9 page document
3. Websites with templates for risk registers and related - 1 page with links to useful websites
4. Risk management review Feb 2019 Bristol Centre - as an example of how to do it
5. Risk-Register-Sample - different, external example
6. Template example-Risk-Register-Template - different format
7. Template example-Risk-Register - different format

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