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On Sat, 25 February, 2017 - 10:24
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At the last Groups & Pioneers weekend at Adhisthana in January 2017, Keith Griggs from the Broxbourne Triratna Group gave a presentation of Internet Marketing strategies - he offered loads of ideas and strategies, as well as questions for those leading Groups to think about. These publicity materials could be very helpful for many of us, whether we lead a Triratna Group or indeed a Buddhist Centre -  it should give all of us some ideas to help us promote our local situation more effectively.

What’s included is 

  • updated powerpoint presentation with 5 extra slides, but otherwise  covering the same information that was shown at the weekend at Adhisthana.
  • all the slides for this as pdf files
  • the wordpress presentation as pdf files 
  • Keith has created youtube videos of him  talking over the slides - very helpful!  

He has set these videos to unlisted, so that anyone with the link below can see them, but they do not appear in the Youtube or Google search results.

Internet Marketing for local Triratna Groups

Quick tour of Wordpress for local Triratna Groups

Many thanks Keith for these resources! 

If you have any additional new ideas and strategies you could just add them in the comments section of this thread.

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Excellent resources, thank you!