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Dharma teaching - PS - 'a page of Sangharakshita'

On Mon, 21 November, 2016 - 18:22
mokshini's picture

PS stands for a ‘Page of Sangharakshita’

It’s a great idea from Saraha at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre…  They are a series of excepts from Bhante that are no more than a page long, some a lot shorter than a page, so they can be easily printed out and used to lead study/discussion – for example on a level 2 course, or a sangha night.

As Saraha explains, “The quotes are all long enough to be substantial, but short enough to be gone through line by line in one evening. Each one is a self-contained ‘teaching’, with not much left out, but also not much extra.”

Each extract has the name and page number of the book that it comes from, so it is also promoting Bhante’s books and giving people an accessible introduction to his teaching and writing. There are some wonderful passages that Saraha has pulled out: clear, concise, punchy, but also short, accessible, and turning the Dharma into a practical proposition. It is a simple, but effective, way to prepare a class: pull out a relevant quote, mull on it for a week, and then share it with others…

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