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Name Change Information (2010) - Archive

On Wed, 23 November, 2016 - 10:42
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Name change

Listen to a talk about changing our name

On 6th January 2010 Bhante sent a message to all Order Members asking them to change the name of the Order to the Triratna Buddhist Order. He later accepted a suggestion from the European Chairs Assembly that the Movement become the Triratna Buddhist Community.

This page contains a ‘Name Change Pack’, prepared by the Development Team, for the use of Centre Councils who are considering how to implement this at their local Centre. It was released in February 2010 and slightly revised in March. It contains the following sections –

Introduction and headline points
The story so far
Some more background
Frequently asked questions

Legal matters: charity names, legacies, insurance policies, property registration, and visas
Financial matters: banking, standing orders and gift aid
Publicity, websites, domain names, e-mail addresses

Telling Your Sangha, and suggestions for marking the name change
Talking locally to other Buddhists and partner organisations
Talking nationally to other Buddhists and the media

* Name change letters from Sangharakshita
* Draft letter for FWBO Centres to send to other local Buddhist groups informing them of the name change.

Triratna Buddhist Community - what we’re called in different languages:
Here’s what we’ve collected so far:

Danish: Det Vestlige Buddhist Samfund (which translates ‘Western Buddhist Community’)
Dutch: Triratna Boeddhistische Orde | Triratna Boeddhistische Beweging
English: Triratna Buddhist Community (surprise surprise!)
Estonian: Triratna ordineeritud budistide Uhendus | Triratna budistlik kogukond
Finnish: Buddhalainen yhteiso Triratna
Flemish: Triratna Boeddhistische Beweging
French: Communaute Bouddhiste Triratna
German: Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Triratna
India: Triratna Bauddha Sangha (for the Order) and Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha (for the movement)
Italian: L’Ordine Buddista Triratna – La Comunita’ Buddista Triratna
Norwegian: Triratna Buddhistorden and Triratna Buddhistfellesskap
Polish: Wspólnota Buddyjska Triratna.
Russian: ?????????? ?????? <> | Buddiskaya Obshina “Triratna”
Spanish: Orden Budista Triratna
Swedish: Buddhistiska gemenskapen Triratna
Turkish: Triratna Budist TopluluÄŸu’ The penultimate letter is a ‘soft’ g.

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La Orden Budista Triratna is the name of the order in Spanish. The community is La Comunidad Budista Triratna.

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thank you Vajranatha!