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How to Run a Retreat

On Tue, 29 November, 2016 - 16:02
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How to Run a Retreat

If you’re new to the business of organising a weekend retreat these notes may be useful.

Venue checklist
some things to look for when planning a weekend retreat or visiting a possible venue
see the document attached: weekend_retreats_venue_checklist

Finding a venue
There’s various (UK-based) websites that can help you find a venue – – excellent site with many large venues in UK and Europe – UK Youth Hostels available for group hire UK cottages, camping, and Youth Hostels

Some recipes
weekend retreat recipes – courtesy of Taraloka!

Sample shopping list
Sample weekend retreat shopping list

Sample weekend retreat programme
A weekend retreat sample programme – just to get you started

Sample rota
A weekend retreat sample rota – just to get you started. 

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