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Google calendars for Triratna

On Thu, 1 December, 2016 - 15:54
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Google Calendars

There are a number of Triratna Google Calendars as a simple way to more easily inform one another of the many Triratna dates of various sorts. In addition we have discovered there are many public Google calendars showing public holidays around the world. See below for instructions how to access these. In the Development Team we have found them a very useful way of coordinating our dates and movements. In the instructions which follow it is assumed that you have a Google account and that you have access to Google Calendar (

We have created four ‘Triratna Calendars’ you might be interested in

* Triratna Buddhist Festivals
* Triratna History
* Triratna Chairs’ Assembly events
* Triratna Meetings (Presidents, Preceptors, Mitra Convenors, College, Conventions, National Order Weekends, and more…)

They can be embedded in your website in any combination, eg –

Start by going to the Google Calendars page at (and logging-in if you have not already done so). Then add the Google calendars you want, by clicking ‘other calendars’ ((bottom left; click on the little down arrow V) and then ‘add by URL’ – and then pasting in the following:

Triratna Chairs events…

Triratna Buddhist Festivals…

Triratna Meetings…

Triratna History….

Note that you can also add public calendars such as national holidays or the phases of the moon. You add these by clicking the down arrow as before and then “browse interesting calendars” and a list of calendars each showing public holidays in various countries should be displayed. You can also create a personal calendar or one for the Buddhist Centre.

Lastly (more advanced) it’s very easy to embed and of your calendars in webpages, share them with others, etc etc. To embed a calendar you need to copy certain code into your website; the necessary ’embedding code’ for the three we have already made are given below.

Embedding Code for Triratna Calendars

Triratna Chairs events (…)

Triratna Buddhist Festivals (…)

Triratna Meetings…

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Thanks very useful

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Hi, I tried with a couple of these calendars but couldn’t get it to work.  Is it just me, did others make it work?

Hoping to find dates for 2021 Conventions.