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Dharma Teaching - The Five Spiritual Faculties, Dhammaloka

On Sat, 3 December, 2016 - 11:41
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The Five Spiritual Faculties
Here are three pdfs by Dhammaloka on the Five Spiritual Faculties.

One is on  suggestions for how to translate the Five Indriyas (the spiritual faculties of faith, wisdom, mindfulness, vigour, and meditation) into precepts for daily life [the-five-spiritual-faculties-in-everyday-life.pdf]

Then there is an article exploring in detail how the faculties may be balanced with each other, and also introducing the ‘near enemies’ of each faculty [the-five-spiritual-faculties-and-near-enemies.pdf]

Lastly we’ve got a diagram used in workshops on ‘work as practice’ to help people check their balance in terms of the five spiritual faculties  [balancing-the-five-spiritual-faculties.pdf]  

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