The Urban Retreat 2011

Vajragupta - Working with the Worldly Winds, Talk 2 (Sunday audio teaching)

On Sat, 8 October, 2011 - 21:03
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Working with the Worldly Winds, International Urban Retreat 2011, Talk 2 by thebuddhistcentre

Listen on iOS or get the app. Here’s Vajragupta’s first main talk for the retreat as a Soundcloud.

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martin's picture

A great talk… again, practical and sensible. It is so easy to understand but so difficult to practice ‘in the heat of the moment’. However, this is definitely raising my awareness and my practice diary / reflection is giving me some discipline and focus…thank you very much


Julie Busby's picture

Super talk, thank you Vajragupta, i’ll be spending my day watching out for those opening Dharma doors xx

joannesara's picture

Thank you.  This dharma talk was clear and simple.  Easy for me to understand and apply to my current situation.  I feel a kind of relief… freedom to choose to be free from some of the ‘stories’ I’m telling myself.  A very useful tool!

catsky's picture

Thank you Vajragupt

sallyaspin's picture

Thankyou. It was nice listening to your suggestions of dealing with the worldly winds! I am going to make some notes and see if i can really put some of those suggestions into practice this week.x

geejoyce's picture

I enjoyed this talk today; one part that peaked my attention was the piece about distraction.  This is something I’m going to journal about and work on this week because it’s an illusive, and very automatic defense for me.  I find it helpful to have lots of reminders to keep me on task, and being a part of this retreat is a nice way to be reminded!  I’m enjoying listening to your talks, thank you! Gayle


janeybat's picture

Thank you for your talks Vajragupta - very accessible. The worldly winds teaching has already made a difference by giving me the awareness to start stepping in before my usual reactions take hold, a great benefit to me and my family!