The Urban Retreat 2011

Ratnavyuha - Reflections on the Worldly Winds

On Thu, 13 October, 2011 - 02:00
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Ratnavyuha - Reflections on the Worldly Winds, International Urban Retreat 2011 by thebuddhistcentre

Listen on iOS or get the app. Lovely stuff from Ratnavyuha on how to go deeper with your engagement with the Worldly Winds, as a Soundcloud.

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Hi Ratnavyuha,

I am very glad to hear from you and have the chance to listen to your talk. I have listened to it twice.

Yesterday I was reading the Lokavipatti Sutta from Vajragupta’s book. When I was reflecting on “he does not welcome the arisen gain, or rebel against the arisen loss…”, I was trying to imagine what kind of state he might be. A thought came to my mind, “should this lead to indifference? ” As recently I have been becoming careful of a tendency to not looking after life, I was telling myself that I could let myself guided by the precepts. Here in your talk, I am happy indeed to hear what you try to practise, it becomes a bit clearer to me how to benefit from the teachings of the eight world winds. I am thinking of listening to your talk more carefully and reflect on them later.

By the way, my slogans are: “cherishing Yinhua”, “taking care of Yinhua”. :)


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Thank you Ratnavyhua for your reflection. It was wonderful and beautifully read, and will stay with me. 

With Metta