The Urban Retreat 2011

Maitridevi - Practising with the Worldly WInds

On Wed, 12 October, 2011 - 06:00
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Maitridevi - The Worldly Winds, International Urban Retreat 2011 by thebuddhistcentre

Listen on iOS or get the app. Here’s Maitridevi’s beautifully cogent look at working with the Worldly Winds, as a Soundcloud.

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ElkeWeiss's picture

What lovely images - and I totally recognised the narratives you developed when you were cycling. It’s made me aware that I often develop similar narratives before anything actually happens - and I’m telling myself it’s to create a buffer for when something really happens (! - I know… lots to learn, but that’s good). So, on a day when I was struggling with today’s practice, this has made me understand the practice perfectly. So I shall practice it tomorrow :-).

Jane's picture

I love the idea that being in touch with the ephemerality of things is a way to connect with humanity. I’m inspired by your stories, I’ll try to stay grounded and connected to my experience the next time I’m affected by a worldly wind. Thank you.

mareejh's picture

Thanks Maitridevi, great talk and loved the image of the ducks, love Maree in Toowoomba xo

Jasmine's picture

Thankyou for this talk :)