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Women's ordinations at Akashavana June 2016

On Mon, 6 June, 2016 - 13:01
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At Akashavana on 4th June the following women received their public ordination:

Public Preceptor: Parami

Kate Arrowsmith becomes Dharmamayi (long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who is filled with Dharma’.
Westernised spelling: Dharmamayi
Private Preceptor: Punyamala

Hattie Johnson becomes Akasajoti (long first and second ‘a’s, long ‘i’) 
Pali name meaning: ’She whose radiance is like the sky’.
Westernised spelling: Akasajoti
Private Preceptor: Vajratara

Minh Truing George becomes Amaradipa (long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She whose light is deathless’.
Westernised spelling: Amaradipa
Private Preceptor: Malini

Janis Moore becomes Satyamati.
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She whose resolve is from truth’.
Westernised spelling: Satyamati
Private Preceptor: Mokshini

Kate German becomes Abhayamaitri (long last ‘i’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who has fearless loving-kindness’ .
Westernised spelling: Abhayamaitri
Private Preceptor: Kalyanasri

Kay Jones becomes Samatara (long third and final ”a’s)
Sanskrit name meaning: ’radiance of equanimity’.
Westernised spelling: Samatara.
Private Preceptor: Padmatara

Public Preceptor: Subhadramati

SuYen Tan-Okotie becomes Danayutta (long first and final ‘a’s).
Pali name meaning: ’She who is bonded with giving’.
Westernised spelling: Danayutta
Private Preceptor: Muditasri

Public Preceptor: Punyamala

Suzie Lockwood becomes Vimuktisri (acute accent over the ‘s’ and long final ‘i’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who has the beauty and radiance of liberation’.
Westernised spelling: Vimuktishri
Private Preceptor: Ratnadakini

Cordula Zimmermann becomes Dhiradevi (long ‘i’s).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’Steady and persistent goddess’.
Westernised spelling: Dhiradevi
Private Preceptor: Prasadavati

Susan Walch becomes Aryasakhi (long first ‘a’ and long ‘i’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’Noble Friend’.
Westernised spelling: Aryasakhi
Private Preceptor: Santasiddhi

Pedi Christiansen Van Os becomes Margasiddhi (long first ‘a’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who finds fulfilment on the path’.
Westernised spelling: Margasiddhi
Private Preceptor: Kalyanaprabha

Public Preceptor: Padmasuri

Christa Tidtke-Stock becomes Abhayanita (long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who is led by, guided by fearlessness’.
Westernised spelling: Abhayanita
Private Preceptor: Prasadavati

Andrea Campbell becomes Suryadarsini (long ‘u’, acute accent over the ‘s’ and a long final ‘i’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’She who has the vision of the sun/Buddha’.
Westernised spelling: Suryadarshini
Private Preceptor: Amritamati

Lisa Patten becomes Sadayasihi (long ‘i’s).
Pali name meaning: ’she who is a lioness of compassion’.
Westernised spelling: Sadayasihi
Private Preceptor: Subhadramati

Sarah Bannock becomes Vidyasakhi (long first ‘a’ and long final ‘i’).
Sanskrit name meaning: ’she who is a friend of knowledge’.
Westernised spelling: Vidyasakhi
Private Preceptor: Vandanajyoti

Verity Dearling becomes Pasadadipa (long second ‘a’, long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’).
Pali name meaning: ’she who has a lamp of clarity’.
Westernised spelling: Pasadadipa
Private Preceptor: Parami

~ Akashavana Buddhist Centre

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