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Viradhamma - A new member of the College

On Wed, 29 May, 2019 - 16:19
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The College is delighted to announce that Viradhamma has been appointed as a Public Preceptor. He is the first male Public Preceptor appointed from the Americas.

He has written a short autobiographical sketch of his life in Triratna, which is included here:

I first encountered Triratna in 1980 at one of the first centers in America in Boston but I only became seriously involved in 1989 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Along with Karunadevi and Viveka and other friends I helped start activities and worked to purchase the current San Francisco center where I was a Council member for 25 years.  During that period seventeen people have joined the Order and the Center has been a vibrant hub for classes and retreats. 

I was ordained in 1994 on the first international ordination retreat in India along with eleven Indian men and three other Westerners.  My connection with the Order in India has been very strong and since 2005 I have made yearly trips to volunteer at Nagaloka.  I believe that the international and multi-cultural aspect of Triratna is one of the most important things we have to offer, and since 2012 I have arranged for delegations of Buddhists from Europe, the US, Canada and Japan to visit India and meet the people who are participating in the Buddhist Revival.

For the past twenty years I have been Chair of the Men’s Ordination Team in North America and I became a Private Preceptor in 2011.  I was appointed to the College in 2019 and recently led my first Public Ordination at Dharmadhara, our new retreat center in northern California.

Throughout my life I have been very engaged in social justice, environmental and international development movements.

I have been married since 1982 to Mary Jean Moore and we have one son (Robert) who currently lives in Vietnam.  In my spare time I am an amateur cellist and play in local orchestras and chamber ensembles.

My personal practice is focused on the Avatamsaka Sutra and my sadhana is Samantabhadra. 

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Hi Viradhamma, it’s great that you are now a member of the College. You’ll bring many interests and skills into that situation, especially with your connection with our Indian Brothers and Sisters. Sadhu!! xxx