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Three ordinations at Padmaloka

On Tue, 6 October, 2015 - 10:31
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On a retreat in September 2015 at Padmaloka, the following three men were ordained -

James Wilde becomes Dharmadhira, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Steadfastness in the Dharma’. (Long ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Dharmadhira
Private preceptor: Priyavajra

Brian Sender becomes Santighosa, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Voice of peace’. (Accent over the first ‘s’, long first ‘a’ and dot under the second ‘s’)
Westernised spelling: Shantighosha
Private preceptor: Padmavajra

Jeff Clay becomes Jinaputra, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Son of the Conqueror’.
Westernised spelling: Jinaputra
Private preceptor: Amoghavamsa

All three were publicly ordained by Arthapriya.

Photo (courtesy of Mahasiddhi) left to right - Amoghavamsa, Jinaputra, Padmavajra, Shantighosha, Arthapriya, Dharmadhira, Priyavajra.

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