College of Public Preceptors

Subhadramati appointed as a public preceptor

On Thu, 21 January, 2016 - 10:34
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Subhadramati was ordained in 1995 at Tiratanaloka, privately by Anjali and publically by Sanghadevi. In 1999, after 13 years during which she worked in the team-based right livelihood at the Cherry Orchard restaurant and lived in communities around the London Buddhist Centre, she moved to Dublin. She lived there for 7 years, helping to run the Centre. She is now president of the Dublin Buddhist Centre and visits there regularly. About eight years ago she moved back to the LBC and became women’s mitra convenor. She lives in Samayakula community with eleven others, including Dhammadinna. She teaches a fair bit at the LBC and this year, all going well, should be publically ordaining someone whom she welcomed as a newcomer 8 years ago!

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Vidyamala's picture

Fantastic. A great addition to the College.

Atapini's picture

Great to hear that such a wonderful woman will be joining the college.  Good wishes to Subhadramati and all of you

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Well done, Subhadramati - may you flourish in your new role!  xx

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Sadhu, Subhadramati, may it be of much benefit to you and many others.