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Statement about sex between preceptors and those they ordain from the Preceptors' College

On Mon, 9 January, 2017 - 12:48
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Below is a statement from the Preceptors’ College making clear our position on sex between preceptors and those they ordain. 

In response to the current discussions about our history, we in the College of Public Preceptors wish to state clearly our position on sexual relations between Preceptors and those they ordain. Recognising the difficulties that have arisen in the past, it has long been our position that sexual contact between teachers and their students is undesirable.

Such contact is more especially problematic in the context of the Preceptorial relationship. We therefore wish it to be understood that Preceptors should not enter into sexual relations with those they have ordained or are helping to prepare for ordination, and that they should not ordain anyone with whom they already have such a relationship. Furthermore, great care should be taken by those responsible for ordinations in Triratna before allowing someone to ordain their former sexual partner.

We also wish to express our strong support for the development of a code of conduct for Triratna teachers throughout the Movement that makes it clear that they should not have sexual relations with those they teach.

Saddhaloka (Chair of the College) on behalf of the College

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