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Punyamala Conducts her first Public Ordination September 2015

On Thu, 24 September, 2015 - 10:35
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The most recent ordinations took place at Akashavana on 11th September 2015. Alongside Parami and Maitreyi, both long-standing members of the Preceptors’ College, Punyamala was there to conduct her first public ordination.

The names of the new Dharmacharinis appear below - 

Public Preceptor Parami:

Suzie Tisch becomes Maitrihrdaya, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has a Heart of Loving Kindness’. (long second ‘i’, dot under the second ‘r’ and long final ‘a’).

Westernised spelling - Maitrihridaya
Private Preceptor - Satyapada

Claudia Bock becomes Karunaseva, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘In the Service of Compassion’. (dot under ‘n’ long final ‘a’).

Westernised spelling - Karunaseva.
Private Preceptor - Kulanandi.

Kay Bovis becomes Moksadarsini, a Sanskrit / Pali name meaning ‘She whose Vision is of Freedom’. (dot under the first ‘s’ and accent over the second ‘s’ and long final ‘i’).

Westernised spelling - Mokshadarshini
Private Preceptor - Vijayasri

Public Preceptor Punyamala:

Kathryn Entwistle becomes Kamaladhi, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose Wisdom is of the Lotus’. (long final ‘i’).

Westernised spelling - Kamaladhi
Private Preceptor - Dayanandi

Public Preceptor Maitreyi:

Gill Aitken becomes Satyamuni, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Seer of the Truth’. (long final ‘i’).

Westernised spelling - Satyamuni.
Private Preceptor - Suchitta.

Sarah Chatterton becomes Bodhipuspa, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘Flower of Awakening’. (dot under the ‘s’ and long ‘a’).

Westernised spelling - Bodhipushpa.
Private Preceptor - Moksanandi.


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