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Saddhaloka introduces himself

On Thu, 25 August, 2016 - 11:30
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In interview with Saccanama, Saddhaloka talks about his early life, coming across the Dharma, and his work for the Movement before becoming Chair of the Preceptors’ College.

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Hiya Saccanama

Once again both these recordings get to a certain point (not far into the interviews) and then begin at the beginning again. This is also what happened when listening to Ashokashri’s talks from the women’s private preceptors meeting. I don’t want to download every interview or talk so thought I’d just let you know, so you may be able to do something about these ‘blips’.

With metta


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Hi Kalyanasri,

Sorry to take so long to get round to replying. Candradasa looked into this on another part of the site and responded with the following -

‘Hi everyone, Saccanama alerted us to the potential issues with these files. We took a look and they all seem fine when they download and play on our computers, working as expected. In Chrome and Firefox they also stream fine in the web browser as mp3 files (though you’ll need a fast internet connection for this to work well as the files are large). We noticed that in Apple’s Safari browser they are now treated by the browser as ‘live broadcast’ files (this is very new behaviour) and we reproduced the glitch mentioned where the talks can suddenly jump back. So we’re looking into what’s changed with the way Apple treat mp3 files when played through a web browser. In Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Edge, the files should just download when you click and play via Windows Media Player or Music.

If you are having this problem, the best bet is to try right clicking the mp3 files and saving them first (‘save file as’ or equivalent). Then when they do download completely you should be able listen to them offline on your PCor device rather than streaming them live on the internet via your web browser.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes and we’ll see what we can sort out with the glitch. You can email us anytime directly at support [at]’

with metta,