College of Public Preceptors

Ratnavyuha from New Zealand becomes a public preceptor

On Wed, 27 December, 2017 - 11:00
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Ratnavyuha introduces himself -

I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand where I’m involved with the Auckland Buddhist Centre, Sudarshanaloka Trust (which includes both Sudarshanaloka retreat centre and Lotus Realm Trading), and the Men’s ordination training process in New Zealand and Australia. My first contact with Triratna was in 1992 through Aryaloka retreat centre while a student at the University of New Hampshire USA. Since then, I’ve spent significant blocks of my life with Windhorse Trading in Cambridge UK and also with the Sydney sangha in Australia. Although I seriously regret the fact that I don’t speak a foreign language, I am thankful to have lived significant portions of my life in different countries and under different arrangements with like-minded people. It has been a great spiritual and conventional learning experience.

It feels like a privilege to be serving within the College of Public Preceptors and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to join before the ‘first generation’ of public preceptors choose to move on from this responsibility. And I look forward to deepening my friendships with everyone in the Order on this shared journey to Awakening.

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Congratulations Ratnavyuha! Great news for the region. I’m looking forward to that long-mooted catch-up with you in due course. Best wishes from Samacitta xx

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Sadhu! Wonderful news! The College will be enriched by your presence.

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Sadhu brother, thanks for taking on this responsibility.



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Congratulations! It was good to see you at Aryaloka this summer.

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Oh, congratulations, Ratnavyuha! I’m sure many beings will benefit even more from your friendship and mentorship.

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Tino pai e hoa  Ratnavuyha.

Kia kaha me te arohanui.