College of Public Preceptors

Ratnasila appointed as a public preceptor

On Tue, 3 January, 2017 - 09:33
Saccanama's picture

I’m from Mumbai and came in contact with the Movement in 1988 at Mumbai center and started my journey in the Triratna Sangha. I was ordained on 19th March 1992. I spent many years living in communities - most of the time I was in Baja at the Saddhamma-Pradeep meditation retreat centre and I also lived at Bor Dharan at the  Husen Tsang retreat centre. I was an anagarika for nearly three and half years when I was living at Bhaja and Bor Dharan. I was also assistant to Sudarshan whilst he was Order convenor and to Adityabodhi whilst he was the overall mitra convenor for men in India. At the same time I was trustee for TBMSG for nine years and I started to work with the men’s ordination team in India from 1999. In between this I got married in April 1996 and now I’m living with my parents, my wife Suhasini & my son (Anish) and daughter (Trishika) in Pune.

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