College of Public Preceptors

Public Preceptor Appointment: Vajrashura

On Fri, 17 January, 2020 - 13:16
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Dear friends,

The College of Public Preceptors is delighted to announce that Vajrashura has been appointed as a Public Preceptor.

Vajrashura was ordained at Guhyaloka in 2007. He has been the men’s Mitra Convenor in Dublin from around 2009 and chairs the European men’s Mitra Convenors meetings at Padmaloka, where he works closely with the ordination team; he also represents men Mitra Convenors at the UK and Ireland Area, and International, Councils. He was part of a team reviewing the Mitra Study Course, and now works part-time with the Sikkha project. He is kalyana mitra to many men.

Vajrashura was appointed a private preceptor in 2017 and conducted his first ordination in 2018, so is relatively young in being appointed a public preceptor. However we are keen to bring a younger generation into the College and are confident he is ready for this responsibility.

With metta,

I first came across Triratna (then the FWBO) in Dublin, Ireland, in 1999, at the age of 22, learning to meditate while in College. A little while later I realised I was a Buddhist, and that without some deeper meaning in my life I would continue to live existentially adrift and feel unfulfilled.

In 2002, I had a very significant time participating in a Karuṇā door-knocking appeal in London, and once back in Dublin I became a Mitra and asked for ordination, started working for the Dublin Buddhist Centre as Centre Manager, and moved into a new men’s residential community. I was ordained in 2007 in Guhyaloka, my Private Preceptor being Kulananda and my Public Preceptor being Saddhaloka.

In 2009, I became the Men’s Mitra Convenor for Dublin, a role I have loved doing and still do to this day. In 2018, I became a Private Preceptor, and I continue to work closely with the ordination team in Padmaloka to help men in Ireland prepare for ordination. I recently started working for the Sikkha Project on a part-time basis.

I am happy to be part of the College so that I can support the continued development and growth of the Triratna Sangha, particularly in Ireland.