College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Guhyaloka 1st May 2017

On Tue, 2 May, 2017 - 10:00
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I am delighted to announce the names of the sixteen new Dharmacharis who were Publicly ordained on 1st May 2017 at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre.

Public Preceptor Maitreyabandhu:

Kevin Croke becomes Amalayodhin
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who is a Warrior whose aim is Purity” 
(Westernised spelling Amalayodhin)
Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu.

Public Preceptor Amogharatna:

Ralf Scholle becomes Ṛjubandhu
A Sanskrit name meaning “Upright Friend” 
(Westernised spelling Rijubandhu)
Private Preceptor: Nirmala.

Sven Lohrey becomes Satyadhara
A Sanskrit name meaning “He who is a Bearer of Truth” 
(Westernised spelling Satyadhara)
Private Preceptor: Jnanaketu. 

Roman Krebs becomes Saddhācārin 
A Pali name meaning “He who is Living in Faith”
(Westernised spelling Saddhacharin) 
Private Preceptor: Nirmala.

Public Preceptor Surata:

Drew Bird becomes Bodhinaya 
A Sanskrit name meaning “Wise Conduct” 
(Westernised spelling Bodhinaya)
Private Preceptor: Achara.

Mark Rehrl becomes Bodhijina
A Sanskrit name meaning “Victor of Enlightenment” 
(Westernised spelling Bodhijina)
Private Preceptor: Amogharatna.

Ollie Brock becomes Prajñāmanas 
A Sanskrit name meaning “He whose Mind is Wise” 
(Westernised spelling Prajnamanas)
Private Preceptor: Maitreyabandhu.

Greg Kelly becomes Aryanaga 
A Sanskrit name meaning “The Noble Serpent” 
(Westernised spelling Aryanaga)
Private Preceptor: Pramudita.

David Whipp becomes Karuṇāmaṇi
A Sanskrit or Pali name meaning “He who is a Jewel of Compassion” 
(Westernised spelling Karunamani)
Private Preceptor: Shuddkakirti.

Dave Cooke becomes Aryadasa 
A Sanskrit name meaning “Servant of that which is Holy” 
(Westernised spelling Aryadasa)
Private Preceptor: Vadanya.

Richard Dawson becomes Nāgamaṇi 
A Sanskrit name meaning “Jewel of the Nagas” 
(Westernised spelling Nagamani)
Private Preceptor: Vajragupta.

Viktor Backstrom-Cook becomes Śraddhamanas
A Sanskrit name meaning “He whose Mind is Faithful” 
(Westernised spelling Shraddhamanas)
Private Preceptor: Viryabodhi.

Sam Farquharson becomes Maitrinara 
A Sanskrit name meaning “Man of Loving Kindness” 
(Westernised spelling Maitrinara)
Private Preceptor: Maitreyabandhu.

Nick Holloway becomes Vidyāketu 
A Sanskrit name meaning “He whose Knowledge is like a Flame” 
(Westernised spelling Vidyaketu)
Private Preceptor: Vajrasiddhi.

David Ford becomes Jñānadaya 
A Sanskrit name meaning “He whose Kindness is Wise” 
(Westernised spelling Jnanadaya)
Private Preceptor: Maitreyabandhu.

Tansel Konar becomes Maitrīvāsin 
A Sanskrit name meaning “Perfumed with Loving Kindness” 
(Westernised spelling Maitrivasin)
Private Preceptor: Amoghavamsa.

With metta,


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